Tigi Bed Head Wax for Men Review

Tigi Bed Head B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

Tigi Bed Head B For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax


7.5 /10

Matte Finish

9.0 /10

Value For Money

8.0 /10


  • It has a good firm hold which is durable enough to last a full day in short to medium hair
  • It is very versatile allowing you style your hair in a variety of ways not just the messy look that is its namesake
  • This wax has one of the best matte finishes of any styling product I've reviewed


  • Not super easy to wash out. Requires you to wash your hair quite thoroughly
  • Struggles to maintain an all day hold when used in long hair


You’ve probably seen Tigi’s Bed Head range in magazines, adverts and on the shelf of your barber. It’s a big brand and to their credit they do make some excellent styling products. So how does their matte wax for men stack up in comparison?

This wax is one of their better products managing to decently combine a firm hold with a matte finish that looks natural to the extent that it can be hard to tell you are using a styling product.

The natural finish that this wax provides is definitely one of its best features. All too often brands advertise a matte finish but the product actually ends up looking greasy or wet in your hair. Thankfully that is not something I experienced with this, it left my hair light and natural looking every time.

As with all styling products the hold can only be so firm before you start sacrificing that natural finish for additional strength. As a result while this works really well in short to medium hair, people with longer hair will find that this can’t provide good hold for an extensive period of time.

However if you don’t have long hair Bed Head Matte Separation wax will provide the hold you are looking for. Managing to keep it styled how you like it for a full day.

One thing I like to check in any new wax I buy is how it fairs in strong wind. So far no wax I’ve used has kept its hold through a big gust by itself. This remained true for Bed Head. If like me you have fine hair you will find it blows about in a strong breeze no matter what wax you use.

The emphasis here is on ‘strong breeze’, in light wind any wax worth its salt will keep your hair in place and bed head definitely manages that.

Fortunately Bed Head wax is really easily restyled with a simple hand through the hair once you get out of the wind. It’s hold is good enough for all but the worst of weather. In any case no natural finish wax will keep its hold through really abrasive conditions.

Even so this wax combines really well with a natural finish hairspray if you want that extra hold to make sure it is styled exactly the way you want it from morning to evening.

How to apply: If you’re going for that natural matte look apply the wax to towel dry hair. Work it through with your fingers and once done go over it with a hair dryer. This will help to melt the wax through the hair and distribute it evenly giving you more control over style. If you prefer a wet look apply the wax to damp hair, this will retain moisture in your hair and give you more volume at the price of a less matte finish. Once again use a hair dryer after working it through to spread the wax evenly. Applying dry gives you more of a natural finish but applying damp will give you more fullness and a stronger hold.

Tips: – Remember a little goes a long way. Only use a small amount at first you’ll be surprised at how much it can do. You can always apply more wax afterwards if needed. Believe me it probably won’t be.

– Use the back of your thumbnail to scoop out a little bit of wax. Begin to work it into your hands, rubbing them together and warming the up the wax. Do this until there are no streaks left on your hands. Then begin applying it to your hair.

Daily Use

After over 8 hours of use the wax will manage to keep your hair styled and held well. It is predisposed to messier or casual look. As such it is not perfect to use for a regimented style where you’d prefer every hair kept in place the way you left it. Bed Head will struggle to achieve that for you over the course of a full day. However as stated above combine it with a decent hairspray and that will be more than achievable.

After extended use and activity through the day there’s no flaking or clumping of hair. Tigi Bed Head spreads really well throughout the hair and sets quickly so these are not problems you will experience at all.

The tub actually lasts quite a while, over a month and up to two with regular use. Looking around online this seems to be most peoples experience for the life of the wax. Learn from my mistakes, always put the lid back on the wax as otherwise it will quickly dry out and become hard.

Tigi Bed Head Matte Separation wax main ingredients:

  • Beeswax, you’ll find this in most hair styling products. This creates hold and volumises the hair bringing fullness and life to your style.
  • Cera Carnauba is a medium-weight wax that gives firm hold for long periods allowing for a non-shine full style that lasts nearly all day.

Final Thoughts:

The biggest drawback I could find with this wax is the difficulty in washing it out. It will require you to give your hair a proper good wash. It also can be a pain to get off your hands once you’ve applied it. However this is easily remedied with a bit of water and soap.

Overall this wax performed admirably and is definitely one of the best you can find in its price range. If you want to go for a casual or messy look Tigi Bed Head Wax is certainly worth a buy as it is excellent at creating that style. I found that while its not the best a more regimented style, it worked well for me. This is because I like a natural matte finish so I’m willing to forgo a firmer holder for that look. So even though it couldn’t hold a strict style as well as stronger waxes the natural finish more than made up for it. Also as stated above combining this wax with a natural finish hairspray will create that perfect strict style albeit at the cost of a bit more shine.

Tigi Bed Head have created a great wax here. By no means the best but certainly one of them especially in its price range. If you’re looking for a new styling product to create a different look or to improve on your current one. I’d definitely consider this.

Verdict: 8.1/10

A Good Buy

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