Sport watches for men reviewed

Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS Running Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 210 is a sports watch for men targeted towards those who love to run. It’s purpose made to be easy to use and provides fantastic analysis of your activity both during and after exercise.

Rating: 4/5   Price: $$

Time and distance recording   |   Heart rate tracking   |   Calorie tracking   |   One click start   |   Water resistant   |   Satellite linked   |   Cycle mode

Can record time and distance, pace, heart rate and calories burnt, one click to start your run, Water resistant up to 1m for 30 minutes. You can run in the rain but you can’t use it while swimming.

It has integrated interval training features which mean you can set up a custom interval training programme on the watch. As you complete intervals it will give you audible warnings when the interval is nearly done and when the next one starts.

On screen while you run the display shows your distance and time. Viewing your pace and calorie burn as you run is a button click away.

Garmin forerunner 210The watch enables you to track miles by alerting you with a beep as you complete each one. As well as this due to its satellite link up it can track and tell you your mile times as your run progresses.

The heart rate monitor that comes packaged with the watch means that calorie and workout intensity data is far more accurate. It also allows you to get your heart rate into the correct range during exercise.

It is a watch that’s built for running but can be used for cycling. Garmin sell a rubber mount that enables you to attach the watch to the handlebars of your bike. As well as this when the watch is in cycling mode pace is changed from minutes per mile to Miles Per Hour or KPH.

The Garmin 210 is fantastic at what it does. As a running tool it makes a great sports watch for men. If you are a running enthusiast and want live data and post analysis to help you become a better athlete this is the watch for you.

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Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk

Citizen’s Skyhawk is one of the more stylish sport watches for men. It markets itself as ‘the watch that never needs a battery change’. This is due to its eco-drive technology that powers the device using any form of light.

Rating: 4/5   Price: $$$

Solar powered   |   Water resistant to 200m   |   lightweight   |   Tracks time in 43 cities   |   Bevel rule

It keeps perfect time by resetting itself every day according to the atomic clock in Frankfurt. It also comes with a chronograph/stopwatch that keeps time up to one hundredth of a second as well as a countdown timer that goes up to 99 minutes. The Skyhawk is also water resistant up to 200 metres making it a perfect diving watch. The lightweight titanium casing makes it extremely hardwearing yet barely noticeable as it sits comfortably on your wrist. This an almost faultless watch that has so many features outside those used for sports.

 An unusual feature is the built in pilot’s slide rule which allows you to do conversions and calculations on the fly. The Skyhawk also functions as a perpetual calendar, allows you to keep time in 43 cities and can keep two world time alarms. It’s a beautiful accompaniment that you will want to  wear at all times.

The Citizen Skyhawk really is a masterclass in watchmaking. It looks fantastic and functions flawlessly. It is the perfect mix of useful in sporting activity and daily life.

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Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate

Fitbit is one of the leading brands in fitness bands. It makes a perfect sports watch for men if you’re looking for something functional and full of features over a more stylish traditional looking watch.

Rating: 4/5   Price:   $$

Wireless syncing   |   Heart rate   |   Calorie tracking   |   Daily activity tracking   |   Sleep tracking

The Charge HR wirelessly syncs with your phone and computer allowing you to track trends in your fitness and activity levels. It can track steps, flights climbed, sleep patterns, calories, exercise and heart rate.

The heart rate tracker is the most impressive feature of this sports watch allowing it to calculate calories burned far more accurately. It also allows you to target and achieve the best workout intensity for your goals.

Sleep tracking is another extremely useful feature. It tracks how long and well you sleep for setting a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up at the best point during your sleep cycle. This leaves you feeling far more alert and energetic allowing you to get the most out of your workouts.

Fitbit also functions as a social network in which you can set goals compete against others and share your progress which is an excellent motivator on those days you really don’t want to get out of bed.

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Timex Expedition Men’s Watch

The Timex Expedition is another form over function sports watch for men. It looks stunning, feels perfectly weighted on your wrist and comes in at a very attractive price point.

Rating: 3.5/5   Price: $

Water resistant 100m   |   Stopwatch   |   Scratch resistant   |   Nightlight

It is a hard wearing watch with a scratch resistant lens that is water resistant up to 100m. This means it is perfect to take swimming or snorkelling but not appropriate for diving.

It has a button activated backlight that is  extremely useful for anytime the atmospheric light is too low to see the watch face.

It has a built in chronograph/stopwatch so you can time any exercise or activity you may be doing.

This watch is extremely comfortable and stylish coming with a round brass face and a 42mm soft leather strap. It is very durable and so perfect for camping, hiking and general outdoorsmen. It comes at a low price point for how it looks and feels, you get a great watch that doesn’t leave you strapped for cash.

However as said before this is a form over function sports watch. It is stylish, durable, waterproof  and has a few features that assist in sporting activity but won’t give you the functionality of fitness bands.

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Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Watch

Armitron’s sports watch for men is excellent for casual use. It is a multi functional quartz watch that is water resistant up to 100m/330 feet. It’s quite stylish and not clunky so doubles as an inconspicuous everyday accessory.

Rating: 3/5   Price: $

Water resistant to 100m   |   Lap timer   |   Stopwatch   |   Track multiple timezones

Being one of the most inexpensive watches in this review its feature list is relatively sparse by comparison. However everything it does, it does really well.

The watch comes with ability to keep track of two time zones, a lap timer, alarm and functions in either military or standard time depending on preference.

This watch is definitely for more casual sport activity. The stopwatch and lap timer are useful features but lack the precision of satellite tracking and recorded statistics for your exercise.

It is water-resistant up to 330ft/100m meaning it can also be used while swimming.

Over all this armitron watch is great value for money and is the most functionality you are going to get out of a sports watch in this price range. However if you are a serious sports enthusiast/athlete will you want spend more to get the features and analysis you need.

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Suunto Ambit 3 Sports Watch

The Ambit 3 is the ultimate tracking tool for your activity levels.  Coming with both GPS and a Heart rate monitor it can give you all the data and analysis you need to take yourself to the next level.

Rating: 4.5/5   Price: $$$

GPS   |   Heart rate   |   Route mapping   | Calorie tracking   |   Run, Cycle and Swim modes   |   Daily Activity tracking

The watch allows you to customise the interface showing you only what you want to see as you run or cycle. If you don’t like your data cluttered or have bad eyesight you can put various combinations of analysis on different screens each only a button away. This way you can tailor the experience you have of this watch to yourself and see the stats that are most important to you in real time.

The GPS link is extremely quick allowing you to map routes and updating you on pace and distance as you go. When you get back to a computer or phone you can upload the information and have in depth analysis of your heart rate, calorie burn and intensity level that were charted and tracked as you exercised.

Similar to Fitbit the Ambit does pace detection when running which compares your running pace to a set target and your previous achievements.

One really cool feature is the ability to map your runs. You can run anywhere using any route you desire and it is tracked by the watch. When you get back you can see a map of your run, the distance, the ascent and descent of hills as well as the calories burned. This helps you map further runs along set distances if you feel like a 5k today or a 7k tomorrow.

The Ambit doesn’t just support running, it has excellent cycling and swimming modes as well with tailored software to support the movements and speeds that these specific sports require. For instance it is the first watch to support heart rate data whilst actually in water. Something most other sport watches are still unable to do.

The specialised software ‘Movescount’ takes some getting used to but once you know your way around, it allows you to do so much. You can compare data with other users and use the third party applications created by them to suit your needs.

Overall the Ambit 3 is the ultimate fitness watch allowing serious athletes to track their activity in every facet in a variety of sports. It may be expensive but you are getting serious value for it.

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Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

The Polar V800 is another of the all in one sport watches for men. It is very robust and enables specialised tracking of a variety of sports with great analysis post exercise.

Rating: 4.5/5   Price: $$$

GPS   |    Tracking tests   |   Heart rate   |   Wireless syncing   |   Run, Cycle, Swim modes   |   Underwater heart rate tracking   |   Sleep tracking

It puts most focus on triathlon sports, running, cycling and swimming. It is extremely easy to start tracking just flick the red button into gear and it links up with both satellites and the heart rate monitoring strap.

It comes with a ‘Vibrating alert zone’ that is extremely useful if you are looking for a certain heart rate range to achieve your goals. Once your heart is in this range you receive a vibrating alert from the watch to tell you you are in the right zone.

This watch also allows in depth tracking through a variety of tests that measure your VO2 max, explosivity, current health condition and resting heart rate.

This watch can also link up with third party bluetooth trackers for activities like cycling. In this case you might want to know your power output as you cycle so you have a tracker attached to your bike, this can wirelessly communicate your progress to the Polar. This data is then incorporated into your overall analysis.

For swimming the watch can analyse stroke rate and similar to the Ambit is one of the few sport watches for men that can measure heart  rate whilst submerged.

The Polar V800 also does daily activity tracking if you keep it on while not exercising. Its 3D accelerometer allows you to keep track of daily steps and flights climbed which can be factored into calorie burn. As well as this it can be used to track sleep. Importantly this allows you to get your sleep patterns in check and get the most out of your 6-8 hours a day.

As it also syncs with your phone and gives you updates in terms of messages, social notifications, calendar dates, reminders and phone calls. Most of this is usefully muted during actual sporting activity.

The Polar V800 is a fantastic tool for those who are seriously into health and fitness. It incorporates the so many ways to analyse you activity and is specially built to take into to account the requirements of different sports. If you are looking for an all in one men’s sports watch to help you take it to the next level this could be the one.

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