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Most of us will agree that we’re not giving our skin the attention it deserves.

Looking for an easy way to keep your skin looking fresh with out a ton of hassle?

In this post I’ll show you some amazing skin care tips for men to take your skin from dry bark to as smooth and clear as marble.

Sleepless nights, an unhealthy lifestyle, and exposure to pollution are just some of the things that might be damaging your skin through out your everyday life. Unfortunately a lot of these factors are simply unavoidable.

Skincare is often not a top priority for men but it should be. I’ll show you some easy things to incorporate into your morning and evening routines that will help bring your skin back from the brink and keep it refreshed.

Changing these two products you use every day can drastically improve your skin.


Invest in a Good Razor. For most men, shaving is a part of their daily routine. As such, you have a good reason to invest in a high-quality razor. This is something you use everyday you don’t want to skimp on quality here.

Make sure to change the blades regularly as well, nothing ruins skin quicker than dull blades. Sure, good razors are expensive but you’ll end up spending a lot more trying to fix problems caused by your bad shaving practices.

Invest in a high quality razor with spare blades now and avoid investing in saving your face later.

Something a lot of us don’t think about is the type of shaving gel or cream we use. However just changing this one purchase can really improve your skin.

Shaving creams work by softening the hairs and opening the pores to allow hair be removed smoothly. However, many shaving creams contain alcohol and this contributes to drying the skin. You want to look a for a shaving product that is kind to the skin and helps keep it moisturised such as:

King of Shaves – AlphaGel Sensitive shaving gel – Perfect for skin that is prone to irritation

L’Oreal Men Expert Shave Revolution – Great at keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised


Doing these three things everyday will improve your skin ten fold.A man practicing men's skincare by washing his face

1. Wash your damn face. Using a gentle cleanser, wash in a basin twice a day. Do this once in the morning and then again at night. Cleansing will take out the pollutants on the surface of the skin and compliment the next two important steps.

See our reviews of the 10 best men’s face washes for tips

Most men are inclined to stop here feeling they have done enough and the day is won. Alas it is not so.


2. Exfoliation is up next and is a necessary part of the routine. The skin goes through a natural process of constantly producing new cells and shedding old ones. These dead skin cells can get stuck and in doing so clog up your pores. This also leaves it open to bacteria and dirt you encounter every day leading to unhealthy skin. This will help with the removal of the dead cells and help to refresh your skin.

There are lots of different exofliators. You want to look for ones that contain spherical exfoliates as these are safest for your skin and won’t damage it during use. Our favourites include:

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub – The best exfoliator out there, it just gets perfect results.

Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub – Contains loads of natural ingredients and is great at clearing up bad skin.


3. Lastly, moisturising another thing that too often goes overlooked in men’s skincare. This is going to replenish the necessary moisture in your skin and keep it from drying out as the day goes on.

Your skin has four layers. New skin cells form in the bottom of the top most layer and gradually migrate upwards. They under go changes as they move up, flattening and becoming keratin rich before eventually dying and be shedding. 

Here’s the kicker:Moisturising is a really important tip for men's skin care

Your skin has its own natural moisturizing factor that happens during this process. As the skin cells migrate towards the top, lipids fill the spaces between cells and prevent water loss keep the skin moisturised.

Unfortunately the moisturisation process isn’t perfect and any problems lead to dehydrated skin that feels and looks rough.

Moisturisers are a perfect way to combat this! They use a combination of humectants, occlusive agents and emollients. These 3 are the perfect combination to keeping your skin from looking like sandpaper.

They work together to provide an additional barrier to water loss, keep skin from flaking and help repair the skins natural moisturising processes.

The best moisturisers use these 3 awesome factors to keep your skin looking healthy. We recommend:

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment For Men – Once again Kiehl’s facial fuel creeps into our favourites. This moisturiser works amazingly well at protecting the skin and bolstering its natural processes.

Skinceuticals Moisturizing Cream –  This moisturiser works so well at keeping the skin refreshed all day. Unlike cheaper moisturisers that can clump this glides on so easily and works fantastically well for oily skin.

Pay attention to these two vital areas that are so often over looked in men’s skincare.

Here’s the deal:

Do not skip the eyes

The skin surrounding your eyes lacks oil and sweats glands making it more prone to dehydration. Remember the problems discussed above with moisturising? Yeah well thats twice as bad here.

Eye care is vitalThere’s a reason you’ll notice you are getting a lot of dry skin under your eyes.  This is such a bad area to neglect as it’s very prone to wrinkles. That’s motivation enough, no one wants to look old before their time. So another really important men’s skincare tip is to use a hydrating eye cream.

These eye creams are formulated to work with the thinner layer of skin around your eyes. They are milder than normal moisturisers and help to reduce the chance of wrinkles.

As well as this they help to fade the dark circles that appear around our eyes so you no longer have to go into to the office looking like an over worked, caffeine stimulated panda.

Eye cream is absolutely necessary if you want to get rid of the dark bags under your eyes and prevent an early onset of crows feet.

The best creams use a variety of ingredients. You want an eye cream to hydrate, help retain moisture, promote cell growth , stimulate collagen production as well as soothing the skin. Here’s our pick: 

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense for Eyes – Works brilliantly at moisturising the sensitive skin around the eye. It reduces crows feet and leaves your eyes looking lifted and brighter. 

Heres a tip: Protect your lips

One underused tip for men wanting to look after their skin is lip care.Lips? In a post about men’s skincare? You better believe it, basic lip care is simple but it makes a massive difference.

Like the eyes, your lips are sensitive, making them prone to losing collagen and drying out. They can suffer from many problems like cracking, bleeding, burning, and the aforementioned dryness. There are some really simple fixes that help prevent this.


The oldest trick in the book: vaseline, it’s ridiculously good at moisturising. Vaseline will not only stop you from getting cracked lips but also works to heal damage already done. dipping finger into vaseline lipcare for men

If you want to take it to another level there are a variety of men’s lip balms and waxes that are formulated to prevent a whole host of lip issues. They contain ingredients that protect your lips from UV radiation preventing burning. As well as this they will stop your lips from drying out while promoting collagen and cell growth giving you younger looking lips. There are quite a few on offer, but if you’re looking for the best:

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25 – This works as an excellent lip moisturiser, preventing damage from dryness. It also contains important ingredients to provide UV protection protecting your lips from the elements and keeping them looking healthy.

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