Fixing Oily Skin For Men | Ultimate Cheatsheet

Good looking man with non oily skin

Oily skin is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. It never looks or feels good and its tendency to cause further skin problems can leave even the most secure of us self-conscious.

Though the problem might sometimes seem insurmountable no much how much you try, there are definitely some great ways to fix an oily skin problem.

This guide will show you some ridiculously easy lifestyle changes you can implement now that will leave your skin balanced in no time.


How can I get rid of oily skin?

Men generally have more oily skin compared to women. Most of us will seek an answer to this problem at some point in our lives. It leaves an unnatural glow and greasy look that is just not appealing at all.


The most important improvement and one that you absolutely need to incorporate into your daily routine is washing your face. I know, you’re probably thinking that this tip is just glaringly obvious, which it is, making it all the more criminal that most men either regularly leave it out or do it completely wrong.

1. Always wash your face with warm water twice a day, once when you wake up and once when you go to bed. This helps to clean out excess dirt and oil from your pores and prevent additional irritation to sensitive facial skin.


Washing with very hot water can actually stimulate further oil production. Make sure it’s just comfortably warm.


It really is worth your while to invest in a good facial cleanser as this will greatly improve the effectiveness of this step. Investing five minutes a day to clean your skin with a good face wash will do wonders for an oil imbalance.

We recommend: Oz Naturals face wash – it’s a gentle cleanser that will leave you with a more a natural non-oily glow. It deep cleans the skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight. Its rose-hip and ocean mineral formula works really well to reduce the production of excess oil and sebum. We found that a little goes a long way and as a bonus it also fights ageing. 

Alternatively check out our list of the 10 best face washes for men


2. Avoiding over washing is just as important as washing your face in the first place. If you over cleanse your face it will decrease shine but at the cost of making your skin too dry which leads to inflammation and can cause really bad bouts of acne.

One product that you think helps may just be making the problem worse:

3. Moisturizers can exacerbate the problem of oily skin. Try to avoid heavy or greasy moisturizers instead opting for a lighter non-comedogenic (pore clogging) product. One really good option is moisturising with a high quality jojoba oil. Jojoba mimics the oil of your skin so well that your body is tricked into producing less itself therefore helping to balance oil production.   

Desert Essence is 100% jojoba oil and will work great as moisturizer for anyone. The advantage for those with oily skin however is that it leaves no oily residue like a lot of thicker greasy products. It thoroughly cleans your pores and also works fantastically as a post shave moisturizer. If you suffer from oily skin consider switching around your skincare routine to include jojoba oil. 


4. Another really important contributing factor to oily skin is diet. Not only is fast food bad for you in terms of weight gain it also has really detrimental effects on your skin. While snack foods are really easy and so accessible these days if you want to have better skin cutting back on unhealthy fast food can really help.

Healthier Diet leads to better skin

A number of studies have shown that a diet high in processed sugars and carbohydrates can alter the sebum (oil) producing glands in your skin causing excess oil production and inflammation/acne.

Some studies have also suggested a link between a diet high in dairy and skin inflammation. This is because dairy causes the production of certain hormones associated with acne and other skin problems.

The obvious solution to dietary causes is simply to eat better. There is no single food you can add into your diet that will keep your skin flawless while you continue to chow down on big macs.

It Gets Better:

There are certain foods that may go a long way to helping:

Diets high in Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to lead a decrease in skin inflammation. Fish is the obvious choice for a person looking to consume more Omega-3, salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring are fantastic sources.

However if you don’t fancy a fish dinner every evening there are some other sources. The only source that is as beneficial as fish is Omega-3 enriched eggs. Otherwise you can try to consume more leafy greens (kale and spinach).

Occasionally you will see suggestions that foods high in vitamin A  like red peppers and sweet potatoes will really help with acne and oily skin. They certainly can’t hurt because they are all part of an overall healthy diet. However this seems to come from a misconception about topical vitamin A which is sometimes used in treatment. 

There are links between diet and skin this is shown in quite a few studies. Indeed eating healthier can lead to better skin. However nothing will beat a good routine when it comes to skin care, oil and acne. 

The secret to controlling shine is:

5. Invest in a good matting lotion. These lotions are specially formulated to diminish the shine that comes from having oily skin. Your skin will still be oily to the touch (until these tips start to take effect) but with this applied your skin will have a matted non-shine look. Clinique oil control mattifying moisturizer is a great option here. It both helps to hydrate and clear the skin while providing a matting effect that hides any indication of oily skin to everyone else. 

6. Oil blotting pads are a great contingency plan. If you have excessively oily skin and want to keep the shine at bay buy some and carry them with you whenever you think you might be needing a little help controlling your oily skin. 

Hopefully you won’t need to use them but you’ll be so glad you have them as a backup if you find yourself about to walk into a meeting shining like a cue ball. Natural bamboo oil sheets are a great item to have in your arsenal for those days when your struggling not to blind your coworkers with your forehead. 

When nothing seems to work?

7. If nothing you try is working the best option is always to see a dermatologist. There really is nothing better than an experts advice on your specific problem. There is no cure all for bad skin, this list will help most people with their condition it’s all good practice to get into. However a doctor’s view is always helpful especially if your skin significantly deteriorates. 

Oily skin is not something you should have to live with. Men (or women) who implement these solutions will find a drastic improvement in their skin. Some of them might seem more trouble than their worth but they are all great habits to get into that have little to no downsides. Remember the key here is patience, great skin doesn’t happen overnight a routine will help a lot. Skin care is something that is too often overlooked or half-baked by a lot of men. However making sure it is taken care of is something you will no doubt thank yourself for in the future.



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