How to trim your beard.

We all want a great looking beard. However if you’ve ever tried to grow one you’ll have realised it’s more of an art than you thought. 

I’ll show you how to create a masculine masterpiece that gloriously drapes its self across your face, admired by all.

Trimming and grooming your beard

The beard is back! Having been briefly banished in favour of  more stylish designer stubble or clean shaven look, winters are looking a little bit warmer again with beards back on the table and they’re here to stay.

When utilised appropriately the beard is an excellent tool in every man’s grooming arsenal. Unfortunately many men don’t cultivate the right kind of facial hair leaving their face looking either too small, too long or just all round flabby in the neck area.

When it comes to trimming your beard whether you do it yourself or have it done professionally is a personal choice, some men will not let another person near their prized possession instead opting to groom it at home letting it flourish safe in their own hands.

Having your beard groomed professionally is often the way to go. Provided you can find a stylist you trust and who knows what you like you can feel secure in the knowledge that you will be getting an expert trim every time.


Growing a good looking beard


When it comes to trimming your beard, shape is very important. You want to give your face a well-defined masculine square look that brings out your jawline. What you need to do to achieve this entirely depends on your own face shape, if you have an oval face you need to neatly trim your beard close to your chin whilst leaving it slightly longer on your cheeks. This helps to fill out your face and define your jaw.

If you have a more rounded face you need to do the opposite and create length as such you should keep your beard longer on the chin and trim closer to your cheeks.

The shape of your face defines the style of beard that looks good on you. Don’t ignore it!

A common mistake often made when men groom their beards is trimming too high up the neckline. Ideally the perfect neckline for a good beard lies where the neck meets the head, the rule is that any hair between your neck and chin running parallel to the ground should be left on and any that faces outward to the world around you is fair game to be trimmed,  as such you shouldn’t have to look up to trim your neckline (though that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to).


How to trim your beard at home

Trimming your beard


If you’re planning to trim your beard at home then you will need purchase all the correct tools to keep your beard looking sharp and smart rather than the scraggly unkempt mess it will become if left unchecked. The things you will need to have in order to become an expert home beard stylist include a robust comb, sharp scissors, a small towel,  a bin for beard trimmings, skin sensitive shampoo and if you choose to use them a good quality set of electric clippers.


Tools we recommend:

Philips Norelco BodyGroom 7100 – Having scoured through the hundreds of different electric razors this is the one we’ve found to be the best. It works brilliantly not only as a beard trimmer but also as an all in one body groomer.

Percy Nobleman Beard Wash – This beard wash is awesome. It gives you a soft well moisturised beard that doesn’t dry out. We found it to deliver a more manageable better looking beard after just a couple of uses. Well worth it this one.

Towel drying a beard for trimming


1. The first thing you need to do before trimming your beard is make sure it’s clean. You want your beard to be dry and non-oily, the best thing to do is wash it with sensitive shampoo so as to not leave you with dry flaky skin on your face after you have trimmed.

You can use a specialised beard wash like Percy Nobleman mentioned above which will deliver the best results or just a skin sensitive shampoo that you might have on hand.


After this gently dry your beard with a towel this is important because wetter hair is softer and more downy and so trimming your beard when it is wet may leave you with much shorter looking facial hair when its dry than you desired.


2. Secondly you need to get rid of all the knots and tangles in your beard so break out your comb and push it all in the same direction along the path it naturally grows. Following this gently comb up against the grain in order to slightly fluff the hair.


3. How to use scissors to trim a beard:

If you are planning on trimming your beard with scissors then you will need to use a comb as well, angling the comb away from your face trim off any of the hairs that protrude from its teeth.

How to trim your beard with scissors and a comb

You want to start from the ear and work your way towards the chin trimming it to your desired length. Once you’ve done one side of your face use the same method on the other side once again working down from the ear trying to keep the lengths as symmetrical on both sides as possible.

After this you will need to tidy up the outline of your beard, specifically on your cheeks neckline and top lip just below the moustache. This can also be done using scissors however the best results come from using a wet razor this creates a much more defined line and an overall sharp looking beard.

These important tips are vital:

– It’s really easy to over cut when using scissors. If you just want to tidy up your beard be sure you’re not jumping in and chopping it all off. It takes a lot longer to grow it back than it does to go over it again.

– When it comes to the chin you have to be patient. It takes a bit longer to get right and believe me you want to get it right. Fluff it up with the comb and then using the same method as you did with your cheeks cut it to the desired length. Once again making sure to not over cut.

Here’s the deal:

If you want to go the scissors and comb route you’re going to need some quality tools to do the job. You can’t just use your kitchen scissors to hack away at your bear and hope for the best. Invest in a good pair of grooming scissors and a comb as you will be wanting to touch up your beard regularly.

We recommend Sanguine’s extra sharp black beard scissors. These ooze quality, specially made to give the perfect trim. We particularly like how they can be taken apart for sharpening so they’ll never get dull on you.

4. How to use clippers to trim your beard:

Using clippers instead of scissors is often a better choice as you can be very accurate with the length you are cutting too. You simply need to make sure you pick the right guard for the length you want. If you are unsure as to which guard to use a good option is to start with the longest guard and gradually get shorter and shorter until you reach a length you are happy with.

Similar to when using scissors you want to start at the ear and work your way down to the chin this helps maintain a balanced symmetrical look to your face. When doing this you want to use a light pressure so as to not irritate your skin.

When it comes to trimming your moustache and chin work down from the nose to corner of your mouth on both sides before moving on to do the chin in a similar fashion cheeks with the exception of its underside where you should work upwards from the neck line towards the chin.

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