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There are a huge range of beard styling products available these days. Each of them with variations of a similar name that do slightly different things. This is fantastic because it allows you to find the perfect product to care for your beard. However, the difficulty lies in digging through those mountains of butters, creams and moisturizers to find what works for you.

Our pick for best beard butter

Wild Willie’s

If you’ve ever asked for recommendations on a beard styling or care product you’ve probably heard of Wild Willie’s. Their facial hair range is nothing short of brilliant and they have absolutely outdone themselves with this beard butter.

We love this products stylish packaging coming in a well designed twist top canister that is delivered in a small burlap sack. You really feel like you’re getting something premium. On top of this a small can will last a long while as a little goes a long way.

It’s made with 13 natural ingredients: Yellow Beeswax, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil, Gold Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Essential Emu Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Tamanu Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil

This recipe of vitamins, essential oils, carrier oils and butters provides a great moisturizer and reallyBeard Butter Open helps to revitalize your facial hair. 

It not only helps to treat hair but will also soothe and moisturize the underlying skin. So no more itchy underbeard or dandruff.

The effects of this product can be seen nearly instantly. Patchy looking, brittle beards are given a revitalizing shine that make your facial hair look soft and healthy, breathing new life into your beard and moustache.

Aside from the noticeable instant effect the butter also works to keep the follicles properly moisturized. With regular use this leads to a thicker fuller beard that looks and feels healthy.

The yellow beeswax helps to style the beard and give it hold. If you do not have wild facial hair this is perfect as the lower concentration of beeswax gives a good medium hold while the oils and butters treat and care for the hair itself

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Our pick for best beard balm

B.I.G. Balm

B.I.G. balm is a great beard styling product and one of the best balms on the market. It has a higher concentration of beeswax than a butter which gives it a really strong hold, making it perfect for taming rogue hairs.

Despite this extra hold there is no compromise on its moisturizing and revitalizing effect. The formula is all natural ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla oil and Grapeseed Oil. This formula provides a deep moisturizer for the skin helping to soothe any underbeard itching and refreshing any dry or flaky patches. Similar to Willie’s beard butter the natural oils help to lubricate the follicles promoting growth and lead to fuller, healthier facial hair.

When you set about using this balm it is slightly less malleable than most. However once you warm it up in your hands and begin to apply it to your beard hair it spreads brilliantly covering root to tip. You’ll find the balm absorbs quickly and there will be an noticeable change in your beards appearance and feel. The balm creates neater softer facial hair that is far easier to style due to the additional hold provided by the beeswax.

Its scent is somewhat unique in this space as well. While most beard styling products adopt a more woody or medicinal smell this has a refreshingly pleasant vanilla scent that is not overpowering and really adds to the whole experience of using this balm.

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Our pick for best conditioner


Conditioning your beard is one of those things that will leave you questioning how you ever got by without it. It leaves your hair less scraggly and pointy making it soft to the touch and far less irritating to the skin of anyone you kiss.

While not outwardly a beard styling product Beardsley is included because conditioning your beard will do wonders for taming unruly facial hair. This will give you more control over how you want it styled.

This conditioner lightly moisturizes your beard and face balancing out the natural oils in your skin while leaving the hair less curly and dry.

You will notice after a couple of uses that your beard feels straighter and more orderly. However it is after using this product for a week or two that you will realise how great it really is. Your beard will be far softer, your skin moisturized and the hair will be much easier to style. This conditioner helps tame your beard and bring out its best.

It has a relatively strong fruity (not unmanly) scent that most people love, including us. Some people dislike the smell but will often continue to use the product because it works so well. Beardsley conditioner does what it says on the tin, and it does it really well.

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Our pick for best moustache wax 

Can You Handlebar

There’s something to be said for a wax that can hold your moustache the way you like it for an entire day. Not many styling products can claim to do this but Can You Handlebars wax definitely does

When put to the test even on hot days doing strenuous work you will find your moustache unwavering. There are plenty of good moustache waxes out there however you will struggle to find one with as good a hold as this.

Being a wax it can be relatively hard to excavate from its tin. There are a couple of good ways to do this actually. The first is to hit it for a short period with a hairdryer on high heat, this will soften up the wax and make it more pliable. Secondly you can drop the tub into a mug of warm water for a couple minutes, the labels are designed to be water and oil proof for just this purpose.

The wax is made using Michigan beeswax, USP Lanolin, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. These ingredients combine to give great hold but also to nourish your facial hair and underlying skin. Similar to a balm or butter this wax helps alleviate and itchiness or flakes in the skin under your stache.

If you like to curl or style your moustache and need a product to keep it in top shape all day then definitely give this wax a go.

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Our pick for best beard brush 

Huntsman Boar Bristle Brush

When it comes to beard brushes the subtle changes make all the difference. After all there is only so much you can do with a brush. Ideally you want a brush made with boar hair. This is because boar bristles retain the oils within your balm or butter and spread it evenly throughout your beard. As a result your beard will be much healthier due to more complete coverage of any moisturizing balm you use.

This Huntsman brush is really good build quality with a well finished solid wooden handle emblazoned with the huntsman logo. The bristles are well distributed and strong helping it brush straight through any tangles and knots. This results in a much smoother, even beard especially when combined with a good balm or butter.

One thing we really like about this brush is how well it fits in the hand. Its perfect palm size and a slight indent on the sides gives it good grip allowing you to glide it through any tough knots you might have. Just remember not to over brush your beard. Brushing your beard more than a couple times a day puts unnecessary stress on the follicles and can lead to it being less healthy over time. As rule of thumb keep it to twice a day max.

A worry with some lower quality brushes is durability. It can happen that bristles begin to come loose and your brush deteriorates over time. Not with this brush, when you hold it and use it you get a real sense of its quality, they are made to last. Indeed reading other reviews around the internet gives no indication that this will brush will be anything but pristine after a prolonged period of use.  

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