American Crew Fiber Review

American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber


7.0 /10

Matte Finish

8.0 /10

Value For Money

8.5 /10


  • Nice matte finish that looks natural leaving hair feeling light and smooth.
  • Firm hold that can be reshaped throughout the day if desired.
  • A little goes a long way. One jar lasts quite a while.


  • Doesn't hold as well for medium to long hair.
  • Can be hard to find the right level of moisture for perfect results.


American Crew is a trusted brand in hair styling and with products like Fiber it’s easy to see why. It’s marketed as a firm hold, matte finish product that helps to provide thicker fuller hair with great style to any hair type.

The first question to answer is whether or not it lives up to these marketing claims. Anyone who has hair that seems to fight every product they apply seemingly wanting to do its own thing knows that many products make similar claims that they can’t back up with results.

So does Fiber produce these results? Yes, well for the most part. Starting with the ‘firm hold’, it’s great for anyone with short to medium length hair. It keeps your hair in place the way you want it styled and you can expect to get about 6-8 hours out of it before you’d have to redo it. One caveat is that anyone performing strenuous work will get a lot less out of this product than someone performing an office job or similar sedentary role.

The hold is good but for anyone looking for something with maximum hold this may not be the product for you especially if you have longer hair. Unfortunately this just seems to come as a trade off for a more natural finish. The matte look is hard to achieve in combination with a maximum strength hold wax or clay. This leads us nicely into how American Crew Fiber performs in terms of finish.

If you’re looking to buy this product you most likely want a natural matte finish that obscures as much as possible that any product has been used at all. This is an area that Fiber excels in, provided you apply the product correctly it will result in hair that adapts to any style with an all round matte finish and very little shine.

One great thing about Fiber is that if you want a little shine you can achieve this by introducing a little bit of moisture while you style your hair. This will lock the moisture in and leave a nice shine yet still a firm hold. This will also have an added effect in terms of volumising, giving you fuller hair.

How to apply: The drier the hair the more matte the finish so make sure your hair is towel dried first. A little bit of moisture isn’t bad though as this will strengthen the hold and the finish will still look natural. Scoop a little out and work it in your hands to make it more pliable. Begin to work it into your hair just using your fingers to form the style you want.  Let it sit for around 5 minutes and you notice your hair has softened up into a nice matte finish. The hair will be movable but will stay held in the way you want it

After a day of use (8 hours+) you’ll find the product begins to fall down a bit. This can be prevented by using Fiber in combination with a hair spray designed to also give a natural finish. However as previously mentioned it’s hard to find a natural matte finish styling product that can perform well for more than a normal working day.

You do not need to worry about any flaking or clumping at any point during the day. The finish will be matte and natural throughout the day without change. Just be sure to figure out the right amount of Fiber to use for your hair, as with all styling products too much will cause your hair too look a little greasy.

In terms of how much you should expect to get out of one jar, between 1 and 2 months. This of course depends how often you use it and how much. Almost daily, regular use dependent on hair length will last you longer than you expect.

Fiber’s scent is a relatively strong citrus smell. Not overpowering and not at all unpleasant but nothing to write home about either. It isn’t a smell that lingers either, usually dispersing in the 10-20 minutes after the product has been applied.

American Crew Fiber utilises four main ingredients to give it styling properties and natural finish.

Lanolin wax is used as one of primary ingredient here. Found in a lot of styling products lanolin works as an emollient and humectant helping to lock in moisture and keep the hair conditioned. This prevents damage and works to keep your hair healthy. In addition it works in conjunction with beeswax to provide a firm hold.

Cetyl-Palmitate is another ingredient primarily there for its emollient properties. In combination with lanolin it is responsible smooth look and feel achieved 5 minutes after applying the product and letting it settle.

Ceteareth-20 a common ingredient in styling products this helps condition the hair and works as an emulsifier giving the hair boost and volume providing a fuller and thicker look.

Beeswax this helps to prevent moisture loss and works to keep the hair properly styled. This combination of lanolin wax and beeswax is a kind of signature in American Crew products helping to give them their hold.

Final Thoughts: American Crew Fiber is a good product that is great value for money and does, for the most part, what it says on the tin. It provides a good natural finish and a strong enough hold for most people. For anyone working a normal office or retail job it will do just fine. However anyone with long hair or working a more manual strenuous job might want to look for something with a stronger hold.

There are better products out there however for the price this is not one to be overlooked. I’d recommend this to someone who was looking for natural look with a medium to firm hold.



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